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Kids Conference

Calling all kids

QuantumQid friday bedtime conference for space cadets and disney princesses

Aaron may need Space Cadets who listen to Disney Princesses to help the U.S. Space Force build and fly the Space Drones of Good.

Bring your Space Cadets to the Quantum Youth Meetup he started. Children flock every Friday night 8pm EDT.

Children age 7-15 are welcome to join and help find their Hero’s Journey.

Quantum Qid Youth Group meetups

In the Quantum Qid Youth Group meetups, we create storyboard comic strip plans to End Suffering and Save the World. Sometimes these meetups go past their bedtime! We try to build in Disney Princess Song time so there is balance.

I work with Aaron weekend mornings to turn Friday night Quantum Youth talk scribble- drawing notes into comic strips to present to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

How do we make the comics?

a) Aaron studies our Kind of Top Secret Technology we are making for the DoD.

b) Aaron transforms it into doing the most good (e.g., Feed the hungry with the Quantum Farm before building Giant Space Drones).

c) Aaron creates comic characters like Robotica the Quantum Farm Robot, based on Dark Star technology roadmap and Dark Star Intern Charanya Puviraj’s working robot named Robotica.

The Quantum Farm Robot.

Here is the storyboard for Robotica the Quantum Farm Robot. The “Design by Charanya” is Dark Star Intern’s original design for Robotica she built at Toronto’s Centennial College.

Robotica the Robot Storyboard plans has bragging rights discussed with the DoD regarding Fort Bragg. Aaron made Robotica the Quantum Farm Robot from Charanya’s Robotica paper design.

The Story has six (6) steps

(i) Useless dust and trash goes into the
(ii) Super Scooper for
(iii) Mr. Fusion the Quantum Arc Reactor to create energy, for the
(iv) Sunshine Generator to shine on the
(v) Dark Star™ Dark Leaf™ Quantum Seed mode, to be planted by the
(vi) Kind Canada Arm.

Quantum Qid Comic

Dark Star Adventures of Angela the Disney Princess Singing Daughterboard and Vera Voltera the Motherboard.
The Quantum Qid Comic strip series plan to End Suffering And Save the World came from Aaron’s book report on Quantum Mechanics: “The Theoretical Minimum” by Professor Leonard Susskind, Stanford University. We started talking and out popped Dark Star Adventures of Angela the Disney Princess Singing Daughterboard and Vera Voltera the Motherboard. Angela is his 5 year old sister. Vera is his Mom.

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