Quantum Qid

Quantum Qid was coined by Dark Star Quantum Lab CEO Dr. Faisal Shah Khan.

Quantum Qid is a Canadian children’s foundation

for children around the world who seek hope, direction, and to be bequeathed with the world’s most advance technology, technology inspired by their favourite movies and TV shows.

Those shows include

Quantum Qid creates these world’s in Microsoft Minecraft, where they have a Quantum Qid server. Here the Quantum Circular Economy (Quantum Circularity) is being built around the Win-Win Bully Watch system, to turn bullying into productive behaviour.

Aaron, the first Junior Intern of Dark Star Quantum Lab, shapes the world’s most advanced technology, representing the hopes and dreams of every child on planet earth, to usher in the Age of Aquarius.

Join Aaron and the Quantum Qids every Friday 8pm Toronto Bedtime at the Quantum Qid Youth Group

Promote awareness of Quantum Technology among youth through advocacy, learning, and exploration, to 

End Suffering & Save the World.

About QuantumQid

Hear from scientists and entrepreneurs about quantum technology
Explore the science in science fiction, for example The Avengers
Participate in fun activities and earn badges as Quantum Qadets™️ and Quantum Fairies™️

Who can join?

7-15 years old​

Love Science

Love to work in a team

Quantum Qid Founding Team

Aaron Wang

Co-Founder (founded at age 10)

Dave D’Silva

Co-Founder / Mentor

Jianshu Cui (Vera)

Co-Founder / Media Director

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