Aaron's Journey

A 10-Year Old Boy's Journey

Save the World

Ten-year Old Aaron, the Quantum Qid, Ending Unnecessary Suffering & Saving the World, Between Classes

I’ve been searching for an Aaron for a long time. I became Aaron’s mentor, teaching him about quantum. Aaron became the Quantum Qid. -Dave D’Silva, Aaron’s mentor
Aaron Wang discovering Energy Cloud City art depicting the Yorktown, a Canadian project proposal to unite the Earth, originating from York Region’s Character Community program

Age of Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In Music Video

Simetri Sister Songwriter Duo

I noticed Frozen Disney Princess Elsa singing “Let It Go” made the little boys and girls happy clap jump. Elsa reminds me of my singing Mumbai India family, Melanie Duggal, my cousin, and her two pop-star singer-songwriter duo daughters, Riya and Simran, who go by the name Simetri Music.

I’m an Aquarius sign. I asked my family to sing “Age of Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In” by 5th Dimension from 1969, when I was little. We made a Quantum Qid Meetup music video. I hope my nice nieces help attract more little girls to the Quantum Qid Youth Group held every Friday Night 8pm, Toronto time. This meetup is a place for children to feel good, learn leadership skills, and have purpose – Dave D’Silva

Aaron fans: Riya and Simran Duggal of Simetri sing “On My Mind”

Kids Conference

Calling all kids - Quantum Qid friday bedtime conference for space cadets and disney princesses

Aaron may need Space Cadets who listen to Disney Princesses to help the U.S. Space Force build and fly the Space Drones of Good.

Bring your Space Cadets to the Quantum Youth Meetup he started. Children flock every Friday night 8pm EDT.

Children age 7-15 are welcome to join and help find their Hero’s Journey.
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